Build your Network Marketing Empire Digitally


Build your Network Marketing Empire Digitally

The meaning of “Network Marketing” is hidden in the title only. Before doing the  Business (  Marketing ) we must focus on “Networking”. Only You can build your empire of Network marketing by adopting much advanced Digital way.

The true meaning of Networking is ” Getting connected with one another”. Now the concern is how fast you develop your Network.

Build your Network Marketing Empire Digitally

In the  current Information age people connect people at the pace of “thought”  digitally. Hence recommending few tools which will  fetch your results many fold faster to achieve your dream.

Application of Digital tools for Network Marketing


While talking  prospecting digitally , the first question  strikes mind for the Industrial age people, how can we find prospects online ?.

But here we are a bit wrong definitely as a normal situation this is right but we already have the prospects ready around us what they just want is some polish and someone to come and interact with them.

Now in this age where digitally we have so many options around where we can connect to the people for our future prospects for example Facebook ,Instagram,LinkedIn,etc.

These are some of the most popular sites where people can interact and have a good chance to get a prospect. Now how can we do this ?

Firstly , take a target of sending friend requests to random people and for the people who are in search of work. The person who needs a job is also scrolling the news feed of the respected sites which I just mentioned. In hope that someone will check their messages and help them get a job.

If you are not confident then search on Facebook  “Earn money online” and choose the groups option you will find that thousands of people are posting their short CV’s in those group.

Some sources for generating Prospects-:

Network Marketing;Digital WaysFacebook ads : Here you can create a page and can post ads which can be of various types like photo ads, video ads,etc.

Network Marketing;Digital Ways Instagram ads : Instagram ads are growing its users day by day you are also a business account can be created for free and ads can be posted some types are photo ads sponsored ads  stories ads.

LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn sponsored ads are a great way to get quality leads and are definitely worth the money. It is because of its reputation as its a platform specially made for professionals

Twitter Ads-Twitter ads are also a good source for good leads and as we know how it is famous because of debates happening in the name of ‘tweets’

Network Marketing;Digital Wayse-mail marketing-When have mail ids of some known persons, you can mail them about yourself and convert them into leads.


Now, the next step that comes after prospecting is invitation, How to invite? We should talk to them properly first and make them comfortable with us .

If they do not feel comfortable while talking to us then it will cause a problem when they start working together.

We should text them and tell them about our company profile first . So that they can take their time to think and learn about it so that they are comfortable with you to talk further .

This is helping in a faster way for both the parties with you and also for the leads generated. It is saving time for both the parties as well.

Let’s take an example like if we are getting leads after that they meet you and then he gets to know that it’s MLM or network marketing then that’s where you are doing wrong.

You are making a mistake which is leading to unfair trade practices you have to be transparent and tend to be friendly and also always take the leads concerns or problem as your own problem and try to solve it holistically.


Next comes is presentation, when we want to meet someone for showing them the presentation we plan and fix time date and place simply ask them to come to the hall where your team has their weekly plan showing stuffs.

Let;s take this thing digitally ,if you send someone an invitation and they are ready for looking into the presentation of the plan of your company’s profile or your company’s plan.

You can easily video conference them from the sources like this Zoom, Microsoft teams,etc so they can easily save huge amount of time and money .

Which you spend to order something when you plan to meet them for showing presentation.

You can also ask your team leaders to be present in that meeting as  it will be a good company for you and you might feel a bit more confident that’s what I think actually.

As good gesture by the prospect because he can think that yes he is probably going to be a part in a good team.


After Presentation, next thing that comes is CLOSING .Firstly, before calling it for a close, it is important to make sure whether the prospect is clear with whatever plan or ideas you have shared with him or not.

If he is not , you should clear that doubt first before adding him to the team as it will make him feel that  you’re not exploiting him and what you really mean is business .

In this business you never know who can be your best player and who can be out for Zero.

After finishing with closing ,Firstly you should ask him to make a list of people he/she knows , so that you can cash in those people . You should give him confidence that in first few presentation you will be accompanying with him for showing the plan.


Here comes , the most important thing in this process, ‘Follow Up’ , it is important for various reasons but according to me the main reason but according to me the main reason as you can either make your prospect in future a great networker or could end up as a distributor( first step )only.

When a new prospect joins a team the first problem he faces is not getting the people to join him and just like other businesses this business needs patience.

Many people who joined network marketing ends up their journey in first few months only.

It is important for a leader to keep his team motivated and should help them and tell them that great things you usually take time just do not stop hustling rather grinding or else you will lose and end up very early .

Initially when someone joins in the team he should be told just for information that this business won’t get you paid the next day you join. Here you need to devote some time and months for a great future.


Some of the digital tools which is used across the world -:

Build your Network Marketing Empire Digitally MICROSOFT TEAMS

Build your Network Marketing Empire Digitally ZOOM

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