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When we talk about this generation , we can easily understand that job scenario in India is not going to be the same as it was where people were getting jobs and enjoying their life’s thinking that is the most they can have in life . Though during this Pandemic situation everybody has understood that depending on one source of income is not at enough ,just like only having a bcom degree cannot lead you to have a good life . We need to keep changing and evolve ourselves with the new normal and should learn about how this life goes . When we talk about Finance ,for students who want to pursue there career in finance . First of all they have to understand that only B.com will not help them get a good job in this market for that they need to update themselves with studies that are necessary in this field . Yes with studies I mean to say certifications for entering into this industry such as FRM , CWM , CFA. Though in many finance companies they don’t even ask for degrees but experience and knowledge about that field , so just mugging up also is not going to be enough.

6 Financial Jobs You Should Consider

1. Investment Banker

An individual who works for an investment bank (E.g., Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan Chase etc.) to raise capital for individuals, companies, and government is called an investment banker. Investment bankers may also be involved in mergers and acquisitions, serve as a facilitator between a company and its investors, assist with unique investment opportunities such as derivatives and pricing financial instruments.

2. Financial Analyst

Financial Analysts are experts in markets, economics, accounting, and compliance. They are able to absorb and evaluate huge volumes of data. With their analysis and revenue projections, they advise top management on strategic decisions and investments.

3. Venture Capital Analyst

As a venture capital analyst, your responsibility will be to network, be observant about latest industry trends, and meet potential target companies. They work for venture capital firms who provide capital to start-ups and small companies with a plan of business expansion but with no access to stock market.

4. Chief Financial Officer

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for managing the financial actions of a company and reports to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He tracks cash flow, analyses a company’s financial strengths and weakness, and proposes corrective actions. The CFO plays a key role in a company’s overall success by influencing company strategy.

5. Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Managers usually work at money management firms and hedge funds. They are responsible for overseeing client portfolios. They help their clients attain their financial goals. They are professionals with project management skills and several years of experience.

6. Risk Analyst

Curbing losses and managing unpredictability is the responsibility of a Risk Analyst. They identify and analyse the areas of potential risk threatening the assets of a company, predict change and future trends, and also forecast cost to an organisation.

While i was learning Digital marketing i got to know about personal branding and i loved the idea that Deepak sir had about personal branding , i will share about it now so that the one’s who are preparing for it can also start their own blog for providing knowledge and only for this reason and later when they are full of knowledge they can moneytize it , this will in future help them to be a blogger and definitely they will earn more just by writing 1 or 2 blogs a week .So lets move ahead with idea about Personal Branding .


Building personal brand is very important because people trust people not brands , Personal Branding is important as it can change a game of the market just with his/her influence.

Here it all starts with Learning about something which is there niche (where they have some talent , some passion and also where the market is quite good ) then there comes the Work in that field , it is important to have good amount of experience and field knowledge about that particular niche at least enough for writing many blogs of your own then we do consulting so that we can help people who are our clients for whom we can work and in return can expect some money in exchange . Then its Mentoring where we can help the ones who want to become like us where we should help holistically like a good mentor and when you are ready with all this go for startup .

I am going to talk about ” How one can make a career in Finance” in my next blogs .

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